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Modest Swimwear for Women

Modest women and beaches were considered odd pairs. It's not a case of Thalassophobia or the fear of sea. Lack of right swimwear kept modest women from enjoying the fun of swimming.

The Internet is helping you to find the perfect deal on plus size and modesty swimwear. You have the access to scores of relevant information and the opportunity to compare price and quality at various online vendors.

Wholesome Swimwear

The days when modest swimwear was dowdy and embarrassing are long gone. A number of new manufacturers have launched a sun safe collection of elegant modest swimwear for Christian and Muslim women, made from modern fabrics like poly-cottons and Lycra.

The great thing is that these swim clothes don't absorb water and are very light and thin, so they're safe and very comfortable. The polyester, nylon and Lycra material allows for flexible movement in the water and does not stick to the woman's body when she exits the ocean or pool.

Head Cover

A burquini is a combination of burqa and bikini. Comfort, style and utmost importance on traditional faith and belief are some of the specialities of this swimwear.

The full-length Lycra suit with hijab head-covering is not too figure hugging to embarrass, but is tight enough to allow its wearer to swim freely.

Muslim modesty swimwear effectively covers the whole body except the face, the hands and the feet. This coverage is enough to maintain a proper balance between comfort and Muslim modesty.

Some swimwear comes with a built-in hood which is loose and made up of swim suit fabrics. Three piece Burquinis are the most popular ones in this swimwear segment. Latest fashions and styles are also incorporated with Muslim swim wear to make it trendier.

Frum doesn't mean Frumpy

The organizers of Christian Fashion Week have a message: Modest does not equal Frumpy.

Modest usually means no cleavage, and no drawing attention to particular parts of the body deliberately. So no super-tight T-shirts, no low-cut shirts that look more like bikini tops, no super short skirts or shorts, and no tank tops.

Some say that one can’t wear any pants that fit well because they would draw attention to one’s behind. Does that mean that women should all wear sacks? Certainly not. There is a difference between tight and clothes that simply fit.

Looking like you put some care into your appearance says that you respect yourself and others. Next time you go shopping, take a friend with you who is fashionable and get some clothes that actually fit well and look good.

Specialist swimwear manufacturers have designs that look modern and stylish, yet respect traditional values. You just have to invest some time to find them.

Aim to be fashionable and feminine while still being modest. By the way, there’s really nothing wrong with a good pair of jeans and a lycra swim top, or sun protection hoodie.

Reader Comment: Personal Choice

It’s not just the Muslims, Jews and Amish that like modest swimsuits. I prefer modest swimwear too. I’m as modern as anyone in using computers, electricity, cars, and such. I'm quite conservative in areas of modesty, but you'd find me quite normal in others.

Personally, I don't wear swimsuits because I haven't found any that are modest and affordable. Many are $70 a piece, more than my budget allows for. I wear long shorts or jeans and a t-shirt. But anyway, I'm not a weird, fringe type person, just choosy. ~ Lisa, Sacramento, USA

Shopping Tips for Modest Women

Many women think that they don't have the right swimsuit for their body. In fact, by wearing a Muslimah swimsuit, everyone can be self confident during swimming no matter what body type they have. While  taking attention away from the features of your body, you will become more confident and enjoy your swimming in a public pool.

Don't limit yourself to only what is in the stores. Size selection and inventory is often limited and it can be hard to find the styles that work best for your unique figure. Search online stores who often can provide you with a wider choice due to their size.

The criteria in choosing the right swimsuit are style and design, colours and patterns, and for good comfort a soft material. A good cut is the most important among this. It can formulate or destroy your body's steadiness and proportion. Not all cuts work for all body types. Colours, patterns and material add the finishing touches.

Pick the Right Size and Style

To minimize a larger bust, choose a solid-coloured bathing suit top. You can minimize bulging bellies, larger hips and even larger busts by opting for solid colours.

If you have a small bust then large geometric shapes and patterns, especially horizontal stripes, can give the illusion of a bigger bust. Dresses that have bunched or ruffled material will create the illusion of a larger bust. A dress with simple, or solid colours on the bodice will create an illusion of a larger bust.

If your hips and bottom are larger than your upper body, choose colours, patterns and details that draw attention away from your lower half. Pairing a solid color (like black) for your lower half with a patterned or bold top will draw the eye upward. Dresses with lower waistlines, or V-shaped waistlines will help to give the illusion of smaller waists.

If you do not have a small waist, or your waist measures the same or only slightly smaller than your hips, look for a dress that has a pattern near the waist that minimizes the waist. Diagonal patterns, lines and darts can do this quite well.

If you're plus size, try a suit in a dark colour or swirling patterns. Angled lines and cuts can do well to draw attention away from certain aspects of your figure. For heavier legs, wear long flowing dresses. There are beach sarongs that you can buy to use as shawls if you have heavier arms.

There are easy ways to draw attention away from different aspects of your body that will cover up your shape and make you feel your best. You can choose special prints to camouflage the body.

Colour and design are important elements of a swim suit. Darker colours tend to be more subtle. A top with some pattern and a relatively clean simple bottom will give slimming effect and brings the eyes upward.

Find the perfect bra. Whether this bra is going to be a part of your actual swimsuit or under your beach dress, a good supportive bra can lift and shape your bust. A good bra can minimize your waist, add or detract from your bust size as desired.

The right material can help smooth out any lumps or bumps. Choose a suit with at least 15% Spandex or Lycra, but make sure it's not too tight; you want to cover up, not highlight unwanted shapes.

Can't find swim shirts that are long enough?

If you're shopping for a casual T-shirt, try looking in the boy's or men's section. Their T-shirts are cut longer and also tend to be cheaper. If you normally wear a size small or medium you can usually fit into a boy's X-Large quite comfortably. You can find boy's shirts with cute graphics too.

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