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Test Review: Ecostinger Swimsuit (Chlorine Resistant)

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Review by Felix and Stefan, Summer 2021

We were keen to check out this new swimsuit from Ecostinger as we've found their previous suits to be durable when used often in the pool or sea. They make great aquatic underwear for many watersports when worn under wetsuits or splash clothes.

Advantages of this Fullbody Swimsuit

  1. Protection from sunburn, jellyfish stings, and insect bites
  2. Streamlines your shape for faster swimming
  3. No uncomfortable waist band
  4. Can be worn under a wetsuit or watersports clothes
  5. Durable chlorine resistant fabric feels a bit firmer than Lycra

Pool Test

Pool swimmers benefit from the streamlined fit. It smoothes your shape more than briefs or bikinis, and causes less drag than surf shorts. We found it also more comfortable than either. While we jumped about it stayed in place and didn't fill up with air bubbles. Besides, it looks cool in the pool.

Sea Test

The main purpose for this fullbody swimsuit is sun protection while enjoying beach fun activities. No waistband, no slipping. Feels like you wear almost nothing. It keeps the sand out and thus avoids chafing. The fabric of this swimsuit lets you sweat, which helps regulate the body temperature and keeps you cool even on scorching hot days.

While swimming in the sea, this swimsuit protects you from sea creatures like jellyfish, or stings and venom from sea lice. We came across shrimp like critters that tickled and bit fellow swimmers in conventional swimsuits, while we just brushed them off.


This is a comfy allround swimsuit for many sports and locations. Feels good, fits well, and is durable. It deserves a place in your swim bag.


Sun Protection: UPF50+ blocks >97.5% of the sun UV radiation. Protects against jellyfish stingers, sea lice and sandfly.

Water Temperature: Suitable for warm and lukewarm water temperature 20°C (70°F). Can also be used in colder waters under a wetsuit or watersports clothes.

Weather Effect: Can be used during hot, mild or cool weather, fabric is light weight and breathable keeping your skin cool even in hot weather conditions.

Material: 53% Polyester, 47% PBT, chlorine resistant, soft, breathable, and lightweight. Flatlock stitching design avoids chafing. Dries quickly while you wear it.

Strength: Extremely durable with excellent stretch and recovery functions. Retains colours and elasticity for the life of the product.

Weight: 170gsm (lighter than most traditional swimwear fabric)

Fabric Care: Under the shower rinse out pool chlorine or sea water. Don't pack it away wet. Preferred cold water hand wash. If machine wash, use cold water only.


We tested an XL sized suit. For Felix, 190cm (6'2") tall, 82cm (32") waist, the fit was tight as it should be. For Stefan, 194cm (6'4") tall, 84cm (34") waist, one size larger would probably also fit well, a bit more loose.

Remember, the fabric is stretchy. If you're very tall and skinny, or well rounded and short, use the table below to find a balanced fit between height and waist. You can always ask Ecostinger for advice.

Ecostinger how to measure
Ecostinger how to measure
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