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Test Review: Ecostinger Sunsuit for Beach and Pool

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Give yourself a sporty update with this UV protection long sleeve sunsuit. Tailor-made to hug your body almost like a second skin, this sunsuit has been made from a stretchable Italian fabric that expands with your body's movements.

We like the sporty look of this sunsuit, especially for adults who prefer a more mature style rather than oversized kids suits. It is designed to replace T-shirt and shorts.

Beach Fun

This sporty sunsuit is perfect for hitting the beach, catching some waves, or just running wild. The front zipper comes with a protection flap for exra comfort.

When you enjoy spending hours lounging on the beach or doing exciting beach fitness activities and water sports, this sunsuit is a dependable choice. It can be worn for light diving, surfing and sea swimming.

Cool for the Pool

Dive into the pool without worrying about harmful chlorine effects owing to effective chlorine resistance of this sunsuit. The premium-quality fabric lends it the durability to withstand tough pool and weather conditions.


With UPF 50+ rating it offers excellent sun protection, the highest possible, and blocks out more than 97.5% of the sun`s harmful rays. It is breathable and light weight keeping skin cool, even in hot weather conditions.

Sizing and Comfort

Like other Ecostinger swimsuits, this one fits well around the shoulders, neck, waist and crotch. This makes a significant difference in the way it feels in the water. It is stretchable with shape retention, and comfortable providing freedom of movement. You can jump around, move fast and deep, or swim your personal best, this suit stays put.

Swim Test

In the water this sunsuit fits really well and feels almost like wearing nothing with full freedom of movement. You glide through the water effortlessly, much more than in surf shorts and T-shirt which we used in comparison. Our reviewers felt it was great fun to splash around in this sunsuit.

Ecostinger stingersuits
Ecostinger stingersuits
Ecostinger stingersuits