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Test Review: Ecostinger Hooded Stingersuit

More details are on ecostinger.com

Many readers asked us for hooded stingersuits. Ecostinger ships hooded stingersuits worldwide from the USA and we've got hold of one to check it out for you.

Build-in hoods are said to be much better than sun hats as they can't get lost and turn with your head when you look around. We were keen to find out the facts.

Swimming in the Hood

It may feel odd for a short while to swim or snorkel with a hood up over your head, but you'll soon get used to it. The strap of your snorkel mask won't get entangled in your hair with the hood up.

When you resurface a bit of water may stay between your ears and the hood for a moment, limiting what you hear, but it quickly drains off.

The hood allows for proper freedom to move around. It stays put no matter how you turn. Over the front the hood comes down to just above the eyebrows to give good protection. It can be pulled down to the nose tip due the elastic fabric, which might be helpful for people with very sensitive eyes or skin.

Some swimming pools require you to wear an uncomfortable swim cap. The hood of his chlorine resistant swimsuit feels much better than a swim cap.

Sizing and Comfort

Unlike some swimsuits we've seen, the Ecostinger swimsuit fits well around the shoulders, neck, waist and crotch. This makes a significant difference in the way it feels in the water. The cuffs at the wrists are a bit loose, but this makes easier to put it on and take it off. For women the flexible hood size might be good if they want to stash up their hair inside the hood as there is more room.

Swim Test

In the water this stingersuit fits really well and feels almost like wearing nothing with full freedom of movement. You glide through the water effortlessly, much more than in T-shirt and shorts or jeans. It is great fun to splash around in this suit, or swim your personal best time.


Rating 5/5 *****

This is one of the best swimsuits we've tried. Great fit, quality fabric and good looks make this suit worth a recommendation. Keep it in your swimbag ready for use. Swimming in the sea and pool was great fun in this hooded stingersuit.

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Ecostinger stingersuits
Ecostinger stingersuits
Ecostinger stingersuits